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Updated: Jul 1, 2018

What a day ahead! I was going to meet my favourite Rolling Stone!!! I know I met him during the band meet and greet and the book signing, but this was going to be different, more personal, better...

In the morning we picked up our backstage passes: mentioning us as Ronnie Wood’s guest. These passes are for the rest of the tour. Wow what a nice surprise! We had all the time and at 6pm we would be picked up by the VIP-bus and driven straightly to the backstage entry. We arrived there well in time and went for some drinks and food in the VIP hospitality, where we met with Amy Hanson. She is a longtime acquaintance of Ronnie and would introduce us. Amy is such a lovely person and she is the founder of the Small Steps Project. This is an amazing charity organization, which Ronnie supports as well. We are planning to organize a nice auction for the Small Steps Project, so if you follow the blog you'll be the first to know about it. Also take a look on the website: and social media: | | to learn more about Small Steps Project.

Ronnie’s personal assistant escorted us to his dressing room, recovery. We were greeted by a very enthusiastic Ronnie and a lovely Sally. They both have a very warm and friendly personality. His dressing room was smaller than expected and without the famous billiard, but Sally did a great job decorating it with carpets made of Ronnie’s paintings. I got to show my photoalbum and my best shots of Ronnie. They both loved them and he autographed them for us. We also handed them our gifts for Alice & Gracie, which they really appreciated. We were there for approximately half an hour and we have a lifetime of splendid memories. Then on to an amazing show…

The next day we met Sally and the twins in the hotel and they all loved our little long dog Fleur! I hope to see them all again soon.

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