Meet & greet The Rolling Stones

Updated: Jun 16, 2018

Düsseldorf, a long-time fan dream come true! We were going to meet and greet the biggest best rock band in the world! Not only that, we were also allowed backstage...

We left for the venue well in time, cause we didn't want to be late for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Security was a disaster here, no one knew where we had to go, but we managed to get in on time. We were led to the vip bar backstage so we could have a drink while we waited. On the way there we passed the dressing room of the support act. They came in with a list and our names were called, we lined up and went on our way. Of course we brought some gifts for the band, but we had to give these to a lady as we couldn't take anything inside, not even a small camera or iPhone. We weren't allowed to take any photos ourselves.

We passed the signs for the dressing rooms and were fourth in line. Behind us were some people from the record company. They came to award them a gold record for their new album 'Blue and Lonesome', we were among the lucky few to get a sneak preview. D-day, d-time actually. We were on the stairs ready to go in, then our names were called. Ronnie was the first to shake hands. He is just as enthusiastic when you meet him as he is on stage. I had a nice chat with him for a few minutes and then went on to greet Mick, who was all smiles and very kind. The third in line was Keith, Ron was still standing with Keith. He had passed by Mick and Ronnie pretty quickly to finally meet his lifelong hero. There he was standing with Keith, tears in his eyes. Charlie helped him out a little actually, kind and always polite Charlie. When Keith and I shook hands, he told me I was so young to be a Stones-fan and gave me a big smile. Then we quickly had to take our positions for the photo and the magic moment went by way too quickly, but wow what an experience. We wouldn't have want to miss it for the world!

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