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Updated: Jun 16, 2018

Arnhem was a special one for us as it would be our last show of the No Filter 2017 tour. We arrived at the Gelredome well in time and the process of getting in was flawless until we arrived at the pit. Same problem as in Amsterdam. We couldn't get into Keith pit. The support act Leon Bridges, who was very good by the way, was beginning his set when we finally made it into the pit. Lots of pushing, fights broke out and security could handle the crowd.

Please let me introduce myself...

“In Arnhem Mick threw his shirt in the crowd. Great for the one who catch it, but it almost caused a fight, everyone was so enthusiastic for a piece of Mick!"

We know the drill by now. They started with the classic trio and we immediately knew the band was in great form. At the start of the blues songs, Ronnie had some issues with his guitar so Keith began improvising with some bluesy rhythm, but Mick preferred to wait for Ronnie's familiar notes. I liked the jamming though. 'Dancing with Mr. D.' successfully returned in the setlist. To Ron's surprise 'She's so cold' won the setlist. It's a bit different from their other rock songs, but I liked it. It was a cool intermezzo in the really hot Gelredome. The energy hit the crowd and the band was on fire.

The classic road to the end.

“No Keith, without Ronnie. Years ago Keith sometimes helped Ronnie out and now Ronnie is there for Keith when he needs a little help from a friend.”

Keith played the same set as on the other shows and the rest of the classics remained in the setlist as well. No surprises here, but they really rocked the stage. All songs were powerful, electrifying! On 'Brown sugar' Keith messed up the opening, but Ronnie ran to his side to help him out. I might be a little prejudiced, but I think Ronnie is playing a really strong tour. Great solo's, tight playing. His new life with Sally and the twins obviously makes him happy and it shows.

We had a lovely tour and enjoyed all five shows we visited. Mick, Keith, Ronnie, Charlie and the whole band are obviously still enjoying themselves on stage. Happy faces, lots of smiling and great banter. I hope this won't be the last tour and I will see them again soon. They gave us more than satisfaction!

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