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Updated: Jun 16, 2018

This show will always have a special place in my heart. We had just met the band personally and were still trying to understand how lucky we were! The Rival Sons opened for the Rolling Stones here and they were outstanding, really entertaining rock songs!

The opening songs were the same as on the previous shows, but Keith's solo on 'Sympathy for the devil' really stood out! So tight, breathtaking! The blues songs are always a nice intermezzo and a build up to one or more different songs. 'Bitch' is not played live too often. It was strong, energetic and quick. 'Get off of my cloud' won the songvote and they played a very powerful version of it. I really loved it, great song and the crowd went wild for it. On with the three familiar ones to build up to the band introductions.

“'Paint it black' is a true gem and 'Honky tonk women' was played extremely well here so sharp, electric...”

Keith played his two songs 'happy' and 'slipping away.' It was a strong set, nicely done, but I would love to see some more Keith songs. Mix it up a little, he has such a terrific songs in his repertoire 'The worst', 'You've got the silver' and 'Through and through' would be nice to hear live.

Second part of the show

The second part started with 'Miss you.' It's always nice to see Darryl in the spotlights. He is a great bass player and a true member of the Stones family. On with 'Midnight Rambler' and again a really strong 'Street fighting man'. Another three classics and the band went off stage.

They came back with a powerful 'Gimme shelter.' It's always nice to see the band interactions on this song, Mick's duet with Sasha, Ronnie and Keith. Ronnie was really shining tonight, his soloing was superb. They ended with 'Satisfaction' and satisfaction we got. What a night, to never forget!

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