Our time in Arnhem

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

We only spend the evening in Arnhem, but I still have a lovely story to tell about Arnhem as we met John Berry again here. Why is this such a special event?

Well Ron first met John in Amsterdam in 2003 during a Rolling Stones concert and since the Rolling Stones fans are one big family, they started chatting before the concert. John told him that Keith had once rented his house in Canada. As you all know Keith loves his dogs, so he asked John whether there were bears or wolves out there in the woods. Hell yeah, in Canada for sure. So Keith build a fence around the rented house to protect his dogs and the fence is still there.

When we were in Hamburg, Ron met John again and after all these years they still recognized each other and had a nice talk. In Arnhem we met him again, exchanged email addresses and posed for this photo. Now we try to stay in touch and meet up during the tour.

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