Our time in Düsseldorf

Updated: Jun 16, 2018

I love Düsseldorf. It's such a great city. After all I'm a girl, so I love shopping and Düsseldorf is just perfect. We stayed in the Steigenberger Hotel close to the Königsallee. Ron was very nervous because something great was going to happen in Düsseldorf.

We arrived in the hotel in the afternoon and spend some time in the bar celebrating a third Rolling Stones concert. Afterwards my mom and I went shopping while Ron got some rest in the hotel. In the evening we went for dinner in the Steigenberger, which was excellent.

The day of the concert we were up early, cause we had an appointment in the Breidenbacher hof, to pick up our pit-tickets and batches to enter the backstage area and go to the meet and greet. There we met a Messi look-alike, from Argentina and had a good laugh with them.

We went back to the hotel to get ready for the concert, my mom's first Rolling Stones show by the way. After the show we celebrated the unforgettable moments in the bar.

The next day we did some more shopping, had lunch and prepared for our drive home. Düsseldorf is a lovely city. Our stay over there was a bit too short, but we will be back during Christmas time.

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